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The role of an Access Officer

In my post about our visit to The Grand I outlined the way in which the Access Officer, Janine Graeme, met us and some of the work she was clearly doing. Through talking to her I began to get a clearer picture of her role, the expectations of her, the advocate she is for her […]

Our trip to ‘The Grand’, Wolverhampton

According to Wikipedia, The Grand opened in 1894, having been completed in six months by Charles J Phipps! Sue Bright , Specialist for Early Years in Warwickshire’s Hearing Advisory Team, and I made our first trip there yesterday. It took us 38 minutes to get there, on a ‘through train’, starting at Birmingham International. From there […]

‘Guess How Much I Love You’

Hooray, hurrah! My friend Sue (who is also a teacher of the deaf, Early Years) are going to this production tomorrow, all being well. I would love to take my nephew too but he is a bit old at nearly 7, I think. I’ve already had a very interesting conversation with Janine Graeme, Access Officer, […]

Guess How Much I Love You

Whoops, nearly missed it! On Wednesday 4th August The Grand at Wolverhampton is putting on a signed performance of this show for 3 year olds upwards and their families. Bet that will be sweet. Clare Edwards to sign so it will certainly be good.

Any signed productions at The Grand?

Are there any signed productions coming up at The Grand, Wolverhampton? I’ve asked the Access Officer today. We’ll see what she comes back with.