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Snivel and Shriek’s ‘Feeling Fabulous’

Snivel and Shriek have got a great deal going on this fabulous little workbook – 3 for the price of 2. Keen to take advantage of this bargain I ordered 3 and faster than you can say ‘personal, social and emotional development’ they have arrived on the doormat this morning. Following the usual cool style (how […]

My favourite stand: Snivel and Shriek

Special Needs London was as fab as ever. I wnet with all sorts of questions in my head as to things I needed for the kids on my caseload, and came away with the answers! I want to encourage one of the children to read clearly enough for people to understand her. One stand was showcasing […]

Special Needs London

I’m getting very excited about Special Needs London. It’s two years since I’ve been, but last time I found it to be very inspiring. On that occasion I bought a really funky  board game called Feel Good Faces manufactured by Feel Good Friends. It’s designed to promote confidence and self-esteem in a fun way. I’ve […]