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Michael Gove’s sister and mum

Imagine my interest to discover the other day http://bit.ly/9pdqlu that Michael Gove’s adopted sister is profoundly deaf. She attended Aberdeen School for the Deaf according to various reports, and Michael Gove’s mother (he is also adopted) eventually worked at the same school. How will this influence policy for children with SEN in this country we wonder? […]

NDCS’ ‘Hands up for Help’ and Mr Gove’s response

So, according to the TES (Friday September 24) the Education Secretary has responded to the latest piece of research from the NDCS ‘Hands up for Help’ by declaring that: he wants to improve the life chances of pupils with hearing impairments, with more specialist teachers and improved acoustics in classes.                                                                                                       (TES, 24.09.10, page 16) […]