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Beginning to read ‘Chattering:Stories’ by Louise Stern

Well, I started to read a couple of stories last night I’m not sure what to think yet. It’s certainly challenging my perceptions of what a short story sets out to achieve. I thought the idea of a short story was that the character makes some sort of ‘journey’, comes to some sort of new place […]

Louise Stern on ‘Word of Mouth’

Further to my blog about Lousie Stern’s short stories ‘Chattering: Stories’ I ‘heard’ her on Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ this week. Of course, I didn’t actually hear her. Her words were interpreted by Oliver Pouliet her ‘long time collaborator and interpreter’. Just found a Guardian article that I must read about her book. She […]

Louise Stern’s Chattering: Stories

Has anyone read this new collection of short stories? It’s about a number of characters – mostly young, restless men and women who are all deaf.  I can’t see it being available anywhere but Amazon. I just read about it in this week’s Big Issue  . Ah, maybe last week’s in fact. Anyway, sounds interesting so I […]