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Deaf Explorer

Delivering my annual workshop recently on deaf children and drama, I met Rachael Veazey from Deaf Explorer. It  happened like this. This year I had managed to keep the workshop running to time. This may never have happened before! Consequently I had a few minutes to discuss with our trainee teachers of the deaf access […]

The children’s response

A picture of Beauty and the Beast drawn by one of the children from Howes Unit. In my post, ‘Eugene! I want Eugene!’ I tried to express something of the excitement of the children who went to see Beauty. I wondered whether they might be able to express what effect the interactive interpreting had for […]

‘Eugene, I want Eugene!’

I was going to write something worthy about the reasons why deaf children and drama go together so well – and maybe I will later – but in many ways the experience of going to the theatre with deaf chidlren that day, illustrated the whole point anyway. The teachers told me that some of the […]

Conventional interpreting and Interactive interpreting

I want to describe what was different about the interactive performance of Beauty and the Beast but in order to do that I need to say something about other interpreted performances I’ve been to. Not many. I went to a production of Measure for Measure years ago at Stratford RSC which was interpreted. I can […]

Off to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ !

Well, about a year ago one of the students I tutor told me about an interpreting technique developed to allow deaf children better access to the theatre. Instead of the BSL interpreter standing at the edge of the stage and signing from there, the interpreter (or interpreters) weave in amongst the actors on stage and […]