Dramatic Expressions - Teaching personal, social and emotional skills through drama

Shakespeare, personification and deaf youngsters

When you were studying for O level or GCSE, did you learn that great speech of Macbeth’s after the death of Lady Macbeth which starts ‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…?’ What an expression of the meaningless of life and Macbeth’s indifference to it! Yet, what might this speech mean to a youngster who is deaf? […]

Role play and a Deaf Awareness session

Tuesday morning, bright and early, saw me in a class of 5 and 6 year olds all seated on the carpet at my feet. Sitting near me was a little girl with pink hearing aids, received and worn enthusiastically since last August. Her teacher had commented upon her classmates’ inability to always interact with her […]

Using drama with deaf children every day

Up until now it might seem that the development of personal, social and emotional skills is the only forum in which I use drama with deaf children. This is not true and I thought it might be useful to record different parts of the curriculum for which I incorporate the use of drama. Perhaps others […]

Drama and deaf children

The question which may be asked is ‘Why are drama and deaf children such a good combination?’ It’s a good question but one about which comparatively little has been written. Immediate answers centre around drama’s essentially visual nature. Words do not have to be used, although they may be. The whole body, including the face, […]