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Social Settee or Conversation Couch?

Over this half term I’ve had time to delve around a bit behind those headlines of a few weeks back which suggested that employers are concerned about potential young workers’ lack of interpersonal skills, amongst other things. Here’s one for example: http://tgr.ph/AspjCA Interpersonal skills are, apparently, one of a set of ‘soft skills’ which  includes elements such as […]

Developments on the sofa

Life on ‘Conversation Sofa’ has been going well. The child I have been working with is now asking her own questions, remembering to look interested, saying’ Uh-huh’ in the right places, and so on. She likes to decide which characters we will be and devising names for both of us. I like to pretend we […]

Conversation Sofa

Here’s my new technique that I’ll be using today. I’m working with a child (Year 7) who needs some work on conversational skills. She needs to think about conversational openers, questions she can ask, phatics (‘uh-huh’, ‘yeah’, nods) and eye contact. Between us we’ve devised a new technique called ‘Conversation Sofa’. In the library where […]