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Black Sheep resources and children with ASD

I hear from one correspondent that she is using the Black Sheep Press resources (see Books and Resources tab) with children she supports with ASD. Of course. It makes perfect sense. I would welcome feedback on how this intervention has gone and what effect it has had.


After the success of the Black Sheep Press resources Prag14 and Prag15 (see Books and Resources page), Prag16 is now out. It is the Advanced set of Social responses,developed in response to teenagers’ needs. Social interaction in these years can be challenging! Youngsters are moving into the realms of romantic relationships, with all the associated […]

From Conversation Sofa to Black Sheep Resources

Well, hello ¬†again! ‘It’s a long time since we heard from you,’ I hear you cry. ‘And why is this?’ I ask…. and the answer is, ‘Because I have been working on resources for Black Sheep Press‘. My Conversation Sofa ideas eventually translated into a proposal to Alan Henson of Black Sheep Press, a company […]