Dramatic Expressions - Teaching personal, social and emotional skills through drama

About Us

Jacqui & Angie

Jacqui O'Hanlon & Angie Wootten

We met in 2001. Believing in the power of drama as a tool for learning, and of the importance of children developing personally and socially, we created what we believe to be a unique combination of our skills and experience in Using Drama to Teach Personal, Social and Emotional Skills.

Jacqui O’Hanlon

After initially working as an actor I moved into the field of arts education and have worked extensively in primary and secondary schools using drama as a tool for developing self esteem and emotional literacy in children and young people. I have also worked with the Quaker Peace Education Project developing drama based conflict resolution programmes for primary pupils. I am currently Director of the Education at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Angie Wootten

Since training in 1985 as a teacher of the deaf I have used drama with many of the children I have worked with. In my first post I ran the after-school drama club for deaf and hearing children and as teacher in charge of a unit for hearing impaired children I safeguarded a weekly session for drama, music and games. 

Currently I work as a Hearing Advisory Teacher in Warwickshire. I am also a programme manager at the University of Birmingham for the MQ course leading to the qualification as a teacher of the deaf.  

Both Using Drama to Teach Personal, Social and Emotional Skills and Social Responses sprang from needs that I saw when teaching deaf children in mainstream settings. I use the materials with children I visit and present workshops based on them.