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Vamos puts on A Brave Face!

Posted on | April 25, 2018 | No Comments

This startling little theatre production company continues to stimulate and challenge with its latest production ‘A Brave Face’. Tackling the subject of  PTS, the production feels nuanced and careful. A young man trains up for action in Afghanistan. He sees things that humans are better not seeing, but quite what those things are is left largely to the imagination. The soundscape is quiet, rather than loud and disturbing.

Looking through the programme notes, the reason for these production decisions become clear. Triggers for veterans are deliberately avoided as much as possible, to allow those who have served to come and not be distressed, but rather to know that they are not alone in the PTS which sometimes follows.

As usual it is a nicely constructed plot which contains a lovely mirror image between the little sister and the Afghan girl.

There’s no perfect resolution for the main character but the audience is left feeling there is progress and care.

Every turn of the plot is easily understood without a word being spoken. Ideal for deaf young people upwards, this production has an advisory age of 12 upwards.




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