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Teaching RE through experiential learning

Posted on | January 29, 2018 | No Comments

One of the great things about our office in the University is that it’s next to the room where trainee teachers attend sessions on teaching RE. The other day there was a fascinating discussion session on Bonhoeffer and the Nazis and I got to hear all of it, whilst happily getting on with my work at the same time!

Coming into work the other morning and fumbling with my office keys, I passed this same room. Something was obviously about to occur. The room had been laid out with a semi circle of chairs and there were costumes laid ready on the chairs. In the centre there were suitcases lying open. From memory the room was darkened and there were fairy lights and atmospheric music suggestive of mystery and awe. I may have imagined some of this but it seems fitting enough.

Being the nosey sort, I poked my head in and asked what was going to happen. A session on teaching RE through drama, the leader told me. The students were to land on a desert island and explore, through drama, how a religion develops to make sense of the experience and the place. It sounded very intriguing.

Sue Phillips is the inspiring teacher and originator of this approach and runs Theatre of Learning. I recommend you look at the website which is instructive and generous in its approach. There is free stuff too! And videos of the approach in action.

How stimulating and exciting for children to learn RE in this way! It sounds like a winner to me.

Sue,  I see that you also specialise in PSHE as well. Maybe we should have a chat sometime….


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