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After the success of the Black Sheep Press resources Prag14 and Prag15 (see Books and Resources page), Prag16 is now out. It is the Advanced set of Social responses,developed in response to teenagers’ needs.

Social interaction in these years can be challenging! Youngsters are moving into the realms of romantic relationships, with all the associated rituals! They are coming into contact with adults as they start to move beyond the protective boundaries of home and the ‘brokering’ role that their parents once performed. Now they meet people on the bus, the cafe, the cinema- each situation demanding its own communicative response.

These situations and more are addressed through the new resource. Through a series of pictures and suggested role plays a number of situations are addressed including:

  • apologising
  • passing on a telephone caller
  • introductions
  • parting at the end of an event
  • responding to another person’s needs
  • repairing a conversation

and, thinking about the specific needs of youngsters with special needs, dealing with enquiries about an assistive device e.g. hearing aid.

Here is a resource which explores these scenarios, reassures the youngster with well-worn, well-tried responses and gives chances for practice through the various lesson plans on offer.


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