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From Conversation Sofa to Black Sheep Resources

Posted on | March 28, 2016 | No Comments

Well, hello  again!

‘It’s a long time since we heard from you,’ I hear you cry.

‘And why is this?’ I ask…. and the answer is, ‘Because I have been working on resources for Black Sheep Press‘.

My Conversation Sofa ideas eventually translated into a proposal to Alan Henson of Black Sheep Press, a company which produces resources for children with language needs. Here I worked with Helen Rippon, both a speech and language therapist and an illustrator. We worked on producing two packs, the aim of which was to challenge children with common social questions and scenarios and to find common responses through the use of drama. We worked on a basic pack for children between 5-7 and an intermediate pack for those between 7-11.

And so after many  drafts and iterations the two packs were published. They are Prag 14 and Prag 15. The essential stimulus is Helen’s cartoons and the essential tool for exploration and consolidation is drama, as described in the lesson plans.

It has been an absolute delight to work with the Black Sheep team – Alan, Gill and Helen in particular. They are encouraging and helpful, but also provide critique and fresh ideas.

And so it is that we are working on a third pack. This will be the advanced pack and much thought has been put in to considering the sorts of challenges which teenagers meet – introducing new people, ‘fessing up ‘ to errors, responding to phone calls and visitors are just a few.

More about the advanced pack soon……..


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