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Dorothy Heathcote Obituary

Sandra Heston of the Guardian sent me this excellent obituary honouring the work and memory of Dorothy Heathcote. Never realised that as well as her inspirational work she also had a very kindly face! Thanks Sandra!

Residential workshop 2012

It’s that time of year again and I’m preparing to run workshops for trainee teachers of the deaf and hoping to excite them by the benefits of drama to deaf children. Some material will be the same but I’m hoping to include 3 innovations, developed from what I’ve learnt this year. Firstly I hope to […]

Recommending Integreat

I was able to recommend Integreat as a Drama Group to one of the children I support this last week. This child loves drama and performed proudly,and confidently in the school play last week. He had expressed a desire to join a group with deaf children in it so I was glad to be able to […]

Developments on the sofa

Life on ‘Conversation Sofa’ has been going well. The child I have been working with is now asking her own questions, remembering to look interested, saying’ Uh-huh’ in the right places, and so on. She likes to decide which characters we will be and devising names for both of us. I like to pretend we […]