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Jim Morris, PSHE and puppets

Jim Morris and his puppet-making cheered up what could otherwise have been an initially dispiriting trip to Aston Hall over half term. My husband said, ‘Let’s go out and have a lovely lunch at Aston Hall, invite your sister and The Nephew and just have a nice afternoon’. Once there we discovered that only guided tours […]

Freddie and the Fairy

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this wonderful book before! Written by Julia Donaldson Freddie and the Fairy is the story of Freddie who sets free a fairy – Bessie Belle – who is tangled in a tree. She offers to grant him his wishes but warns him that she can’t hear very well and indeed wears a hearing aid. So […]

Paying Tribute to Dorothy Heathcote

The other day my sister posed the question, ‘If you could invite anyone you like from history to your dinner party who would it be?’ Thinking about it now my answer would be Dorothy Heathcote. She just qualifies as she died on October 8th. Effective drama, Dorothy Heathcote insisted, required neither script nor audience. So […]