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No Pens Wednesday

Tomorrow is ‘No Pens Wednesday’. It’s an opportunity for children in school to put down all writing implements and instead to talk. Apparently, the ability of children to interact at a young age is a frighteningly early indicator of success later in life. I heard the stats on Eddie Maher’s Radio 4 programme the other day. More […]

Snivel and Shriek’s ‘Feeling Fabulous’

Snivel and Shriek have got a great deal going on this fabulous little workbook – 3 for the price of 2. Keen to take advantage of this bargain I ordered 3 and faster than you can say ‘personal, social and emotional development’ they have arrived on the doormat this morning. Following the usual cool style (how […]

Update on Integreat

Angela Twigg of Integreat Theatre here in Birmingham writes to tell me that there have been changes at Integreat – the theatre for deaf and hearing young people. Now being funded by Children in Need (so that’s one place our money went – hooray!) the group now meets on Saturday mornings at the Custard Factory […]