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Traded Services: Brave New World

School’s out and there’s more time to think and write. Warwickshire Local Authority’s Integrated Disability Service has become a traded service and more may follow before long. What are the implications for a teacher of the deaf keen to use drama with deaf children? Well, it is usually with statemented children that I tend to suggest and carry out […]

Much Ado about Shakespeare

Steve Gibson of DeafEducate contacted me the other day in connection with the signed Shakespeare resources they produce. (Apparently Romeo & Juliet’s already out with Macbeth and Hamlet to come.) I mentioned to Steve that, as a teacher of the deaf, planning some work to support a youngster learning Shakespeare that I would want to know about a range […]

Summer Waves

Integreat theatre is running a summer drama project for youngsters aged 8-13 called Summer Waves. More details at http://www.integreattheatre.org.uk/ Sounds as though the young people eventually choose which pieces to perform. I wonder how that works. Intriguing. Unfortunately I got this information too late to circulate to parents. Note to the organizers: please let teachers of […]