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‘In these austere times….’

Posted on | March 31, 2011 | No Comments

Everyone’s using the same sort of  phrase, ‘In these austere times…’ and so it can feel for those of us working with deaf children and young people. Added to this are the feelings relating to uncertainty and change in the wake of the Green Paper and the Schools Improvement Plan.

Nevertheless we know that we can’t afford to let these potentially negative thoughts stultify our vision for deaf children. The children are the same – the ‘still point in a turning world’.

It’s against this background that I have been excited to start conversations with several new colleagues – a dramatherapist specialising in work with deaf children with ASD (another blog about this later), a drama teacher now working with cochlear implanted children, and the Arts Development Officer of NDCS.

Who knows where these conversations will go…..?


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