Dramatic Expressions - Teaching personal, social and emotional skills through drama

Using drama with deaf children every day

Up until now it might seem that the development of personal, social and emotional skills is the only forum in which I use drama with deaf children. This is not true and I thought it might be useful to record different parts of the curriculum for which I incorporate the use of drama. Perhaps others […]

Birmingham residential workshops

I thoroughly enjoyed runing two workshops on January 12th for trainee teachers of the deaf at their residential. Both groups were highly responsive and, I ended learning as much from them as I might hope they learnt from me. One delegate was keen to use materials with children who were deaf and also on the […]

Michael Gove’s sister and mum

Imagine my interest to discover the other day http://bit.ly/9pdqlu that Michael Gove’s adopted sister is profoundly deaf. She attended Aberdeen School for the Deaf according to various reports, and Michael Gove’s mother (he is also adopted) eventually worked at the same school. How will this influence policy for children with SEN in this country we wonder? […]