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NDCS, cuts and academies

I’ve just received the latest professional update from the NDCS about such issues as ‘The Cuts’ and academies and what theses may mean for deaf children. More reading to do but perhaps worthy of another blog soon.

A bit more about ‘Tribes’

Yes, it’s probably best to let Jacob Casselden, the deaf actor who plays Billy, tell anyone interested about the play itself. Here is a description on the Royal Court Theatre website. According to one review I read, the paly raises some interesting questions, for example ‘Why define oneself by one’s own handiap rather than any […]

Anne Tyler’s ‘Saint Maybe’

I’m a big fan of Anne Tyler, the American novelist. She writes with, apparently, no effort taking you right into the heart of the story. Anyway I came across a description in her novel Saint Maybe which made me think. Ian, the main protoganist, meets  Mr Brant who is so absorbed in installing wooden cabinets that he doesn’t […]

‘Tribes’ at the Royal Court Theatre

Has anyone seen this new play?  I understand it has some interesting things to say about the Deaf Community. I’ll signpost the way to the review I was reading about it tomorrow.


Wendy McCracken of Manchester University has kindly invited me to run a drama workshop for their trainee teachers of the deaf at their ‘Creativity Weekend’. What an exciting idea – and what a relevant one. Where deaf children find oracy and literacy skills difficult, they may be able to find expression through various creative means. Drama is one such. […]

Deaf youngsters and tuition fees

The 16 year old on my caseload told me something I didn’t know the other day. We were talking about The Cuts and such like. I said, ‘And of course folks going to university will have to pay tuition fees soon.’ ‘Not me,’ he said. ‘Why not?’ I said. ‘Because I’m deaf,’ he replied. Is […]

My favourite stand: Snivel and Shriek

Special Needs London was as fab as ever. I wnet with all sorts of questions in my head as to things I needed for the kids on my caseload, and came away with the answers! I want to encourage one of the children to read clearly enough for people to understand her. One stand was showcasing […]

Child extends the material of chapter 5

I learned,  to my excitement, that one of the children I work with had decided, off her own back, to develop her own play around the material of chapter 5 of our book. She told me that their teacher had been talking about ‘being positive’. It had reminded her of our work together and the […]