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The cochlear implant music scene

Oliver Searle mentioned the cochlear implant music scene on one of his replies about ‘The Farmer’s Cheese’ so I thought it deserved its own thread. One of the queries about cochlear implants has been around their ability to replicate the experience of music. From what I can see, there is work going on around Southampton University […]

NDCS’ ‘Hands up for Help’ and Mr Gove’s response

So, according to the TES (Friday September 24) the Education Secretary has responded to the latest piece of research from the NDCS ‘Hands up for Help’ by declaring that: he wants to improve the life chances of pupils with hearing impairments, with more specialist teachers and improved acoustics in classes.                                                                                                       (TES, 24.09.10, page 16) […]

Special Needs London

I’m getting very excited about Special Needs London. It’s two years since I’ve been, but last time I found it to be very inspiring. On that occasion I bought a really funky  board game called Feel Good Faces manufactured by Feel Good Friends. It’s designed to promote confidence and self-esteem in a fun way. I’ve […]

The Farmer’s Cheese

The other day, at work, I spied some more information about a play for deaf children about which I had had a vague tip-off earlier. According to the flyer from the South of England Cochlear Implant Centre the musical play The Farmer’s Cheese was developed by Oliver Searle ‘especially for profoundly deaf children with cochlear […]

Deaf Refugees

I just emailed the Artistic Director, Paula Garfield, of Deafinitely Theatre to send me more details about the creation of a play from narratives of the lives of deaf refugees. I hope she comes back to me as I think this is one of the most interesting ideas for theatre I’ve heard for a while. What […]

The role of an Access Officer

In my post about our visit to The Grand I outlined the way in which the Access Officer, Janine Graeme, met us and some of the work she was clearly doing. Through talking to her I began to get a clearer picture of her role, the expectations of her, the advocate she is for her […]