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Our trip to ‘The Grand’, Wolverhampton

According to Wikipedia, The Grand opened in 1894, having been completed in six months by Charles J Phipps! Sue Bright , Specialist for Early Years in Warwickshire’s Hearing Advisory Team, and I made our first trip there yesterday. It took us 38 minutes to get there, on a ‘through train’, starting at Birmingham International. From there […]

‘Guess How Much I Love You’

Hooray, hurrah! My friend Sue (who is also a teacher of the deaf, Early Years) are going to this production tomorrow, all being well. I would love to take my nephew too but he is a bit old at nearly 7, I think. I’ve already had a very interesting conversation with Janine Graeme, Access Officer, […]

A look at the Birmingham theatres

My next blog is going to be about all the Birmingham and access for deaf children and adults. From what I’ve seen so far access is very diverse across the theatres…….. What makes the difference? Do Access Officers talk to each other? Do they all have Access Officers or, if a theatre is run by […]

Discovering ‘Deafinitely Theatre’

Through the DCAL website I came across this brilliantly named theatre group – Deafinitely Theatre! The productions by this company are designed to show a Deaf perspective on life and to empower Deaf people in their culture and identity. There is also a role of building bridges between Deaf and hearing people. I was particularly interested […]

Captioned performance of Calendar Girls

In an update to my previous blog about signed performances at the new Aylesbury Theatre I have been reminded by John Coughlan there that there is a captioned performance of Calender Girls on Wednesday 24th November which is suitable for deaf patrons. Of course captions pre-suppose a certain literacy level. Whilst many deaf people are very proficient […]

Guess How Much I Love You

Whoops, nearly missed it! On Wednesday 4th August The Grand at Wolverhampton is putting on a signed performance of this show for 3 year olds upwards and their families. Bet that will be sweet. Clare Edwards to sign so it will certainly be good.

Cinderella at The Belgrade

I am reliably informed by the Access Offer Eamonn Finnerty at The Belgrade that this year’s panto will be Cinderella and that the integrated signed performances will be on Wednesday 5th January at 7pm and Thursday 6th January at 2pm. If they are as good as last year it will certainly something to go and […]

‘Joseph’ at Aylesbury Theatre

  On Saturday David and I went to Thame Agricultural Show. Amongst the old tractors, Mastiff dogs, sheep shearing and country clothing stalls was a tent dedicated to advertising the newly built Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. Naturally I had to ask about signed productions. Leafing through the catalogue, Cinderella appeared to be the first one in […]

Signed Romeo and Juliet by the Taking Flight Theatre

My friend Annabel just contacted me to say that she was off to sign for the Taking Flight Theatre Company who are currently producing Romeo and Juliet. Excited as ever I googled their website. It’s a Welsh theatre company with the raison d’etre of making theatre accessible to all and to involve people in theatre […]

Paul Whittaker signs the Sondheim Prom

So, at last, on Friday night we had the first signed Prom. Some might say , ‘What’s the point? Why would a deaf person go to a concert?’ Others might ask, ‘Why has it taken so long?’ Whichever view you hold it was dear old Paul Whittaker who had the honour of being the first […]