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DCAL: Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre

Ah, this is where Bencie Woll works – at DCAL. There look to be some fascinating projects going on. Mmmmmmm…..  I feel I should know more about this as a teacher of the deaf.

Bencie Woll’s work

With great interest I have been reading an article in the BATOD magazine about Bencie Woll’s work on ‘the deaf brain’. The article reviews recent neuroscience research to try to shed light on how the brain is able to adapt to different sensory and cogntive experiences,  and how this in turn relates to first language […]

Signed panto at The Belgrade?

I wonder whether there will be a signed panto at The Belgrade this year – and whether it will be an interactive style of signing. More to follow…..

Any signed productions at The Grand?

Are there any signed productions coming up at The Grand, Wolverhampton? I’ve asked the Access Officer today. We’ll see what she comes back with.

Beginning to read ‘Chattering:Stories’ by Louise Stern

Well, I started to read a couple of stories last night I’m not sure what to think yet. It’s certainly challenging my perceptions of what a short story sets out to achieve. I thought the idea of a short story was that the character makes some sort of ‘journey’, comes to some sort of new place […]

‘I’m Happy Being Me’

I’ve just had the best time ever using chapter 5 of our book with a group of Year 5 children in Stratford. These sessions deal with being comfortable with who you are and thinking positively about yourself. Wish I could post some photos of the children having a brilliant time, but of course I can’t. […]

Louise Stern on ‘Word of Mouth’

Further to my blog about Lousie Stern’s short stories ‘Chattering: Stories’ I ‘heard’ her on Radio 4’s ‘Word of Mouth’ this week. Of course, I didn’t actually hear her. Her words were interpreted by Oliver Pouliet her ‘long time collaborator and interpreter’. Just found a Guardian article that I must read about her book. She […]

‘Word of Mouth’ Radio 4

Did anyone catch Word of Mouth this week on Radio 4 (Tues 20th July, 4pm)?  It was the start of a series on how deaf people communicate. It started with Louise Stern whose book I have just been blogging about! I learnt such a lot! For instance, I don’t whether this is just an American thing […]

‘Silence’ – the BBC drama series

So, what did we think of  ‘Silence’? I’m afraid I’m still wading through the episodes – slowly. There is surely a lot of nitpicking we could do. Why on earth is she going for all this therapy if she can already hear and make sense of people talking without facing her, behind her, and anywhere […]