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A Small Piece of Silence

Posted on | April 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

Did anyone hear A Small Piece of Silence – a  BBC 4 radio drama last Friday? The central character was a deaf man called Joe, played by David Bower. Is he deaf? I must find out.

Sometimes I like to try and work out the starting point for a story and I think that the seed for this one was a positive characteristic relating to deafness- the ability of some people to lipread at a distance. Because Joe is able to lipread he gets to know a piece of information that no-one else is supposed to know.

The drama brought out another characteristic of deafness and its sometimes associated sister – tinnitus, and the way that the condition produces a variety of sounds which might accompany different events and happenings. Thus, a sunset might be accompanied by particular attractive sounds. Ididn’t know this. I always thought that tinnitus was mostly a nuisance.

I enjoyed this drama. The plot was good. Joe was a very likeable character. And I’m looking forward to the promised signed version on TV sometime this week. This seems slow in coming. I wonder why…..

There are other elements to explore here too. Katie Hims is the dramatist. Who is she? David Bower is one of the directors of Signdance Collective, a music and theatre company lead by deaf and physically disabled artistes.

I thought the music by Liran Donin was very evocative and effective.

Ah, and now because I’ve been googling around I’ve found Disability Arts Online and mention of this play and more information about David Bower. Off to find out more……


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  1. Waltzer7
    July 22nd, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

    Yes, David Bower is deaf & he acted the part of a deaf character in Four Weddings & a Funeral.
    I hope to be able to watch A Small Piece of Silence on iplayer?

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