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The Festival Shop and Barbara Sher

Does anyone know the Festival Shop in Kings Heath, Birmingham? I went there this morning. It has a really good collection of books for children about different festivals of the world, stories from other cultures and so on.  It also has books relating to children’s personal, social and emotional issues. I’m going to buy some […]

Drama and deaf children

The question which may be asked is ‘Why are drama and deaf children such a good combination?’ It’s a good question but one about which comparatively little has been written. Immediate answers centre around drama’s essentially visual nature. Words do not have to be used, although they may be. The whole body, including the face, […]

Make a Scene

Take a freshly decorated church hall, empty but for a richly coloured rug and a string of balloons,  add 6 excited children and you have the beginnings of a new drama adventure in Kings Heath, at the Christadelphian Hall on Sunday mornings.   ‘Make a Scene’ is a new take on introducing Bible stories to children, through games […]

‘Eugene, I want Eugene!’

I was going to write something worthy about the reasons why deaf children and drama go together so well – and maybe I will later – but in many ways the experience of going to the theatre with deaf chidlren that day, illustrated the whole point anyway. The teachers told me that some of the […]

Circle time is questioned

So, Sir Jim Rose has questioned the value of circle time (TES Friday 29th January 2010, page 5) saying it is not necessarily a good use of time. I mention this as our book Using drama to teach personal, social and emotional skills contains a fair number of circle games. In defence Jenny Mosley, who is […]